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Artist/Group: The Goners

Date: 2005 05 03

John Hiatt's former backing band. The Goners were put together as a touring band to support the "Bring The Family" release, but what began as a one-night-stand grew into a long professional relationship. Members include Sonny Landreth (guitar), Kenneth Blevins (drums) and David Ranson (bass). More info at: www.johnhiatt.com


Artist/Group: Kim Thompson

Date: 2005 05 19

Up-and-coming drummer who has played with Kenny Barron, Mike Stern, Tia Fuller, Stefon Harris, Tarus Mateen, and others. More info at: www.kimthompson.info


Artist/Group: Mike Stern

Date: 2005 05 20

One of today's most esteemed guitarists with numerous album releases to his name. Mike Stern earned his stripes by sharing the spotlight with Blood, Sweat & Tears, Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, Steps Ahead, Michael Brecker, Bill Frisell, Dennis Chambers, and many others. More info at: www.mikestern.org


Artist/Group: Black Sabbath

Date: 2005 07 04

Quite arguably the heaviest hard rock band in the world and definitely the most influential. Black Sabbath was formed over 30 years ago by Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne. Yesterday the very same foursome rocked Stockholm, Sweden, to its core.


Artist/Group: Tony Iommi

Date: 2005 07 04

The mighty hard rock group Black Sabbath was the brainchild of British guitarist Tony Iommi. Since the original line-up, with singer Ozzy Osbourne, the band's gone through many changes, but one thing's remained the same - namely Captain Iommi. Next week fans can find him in a different setting on Fused, a new solo album featuring singer Glenn Hughes and drummer Kenny Aronoff.


Artist/Group: Jon Anderson

Date: 2005 07 20

Multi-million selling singer and frontman of progressive rock group Yes. Set to tour Europe starting in September. More info at: www.jonanderson.com


Artist/Group: Jonas Åkerlund

Date: 2005 11 10

Swedish director who's worked with names such as Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Roxette, The Cardigans and Rammstein. Check out the interview in the blog section of this site.


Artist/Group: Jamie Cullum

Date: 2005 11 30

Young British jazz star who's sold almost 3 million albums since his debut a few years ago. More info at: www.jamiecullum.com


Artist/Group: Stacey Kent

Date: 2004 03 24

Jazz singer with six solo albums on her resumé. Married to saxophonist Jim Tomlinson. More info at: www.staceykent.com


Artist/Group: Jim Tomlinson

Date: 2004 03 24

Sax player who made his solo debut with the album Only Trust Your Heart. Married to recording artist Stacey Kent.


Artist/Group: Fredrik Kronkvist

Date: 2006 05 18

Head of his own record label and one hell of a sax player. Based in the city of Malmö and married to Sweden's funkiest singer, Miriam Aïda. His latest release is called Maintain! More info at www.fredrikkronkvist.com


Artist/Group: Ludvig Berghe

Date: 2006 05 17

Pianist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Recently released Weekend, his latest solo album. More info at: www.ludvigberghe.com


Artist/Group: René Sandoval

Date: 2006 05 17

Bass player from Malmö, Sweden. Recently released the album Action/Reaction.


Artist/Group: Jonas Kullhammar

Date: 2006 05 03

Owner of a record label and one of Sweden's top sax players. Despite his youth, he's worked with everyone from local celebrities to international stars like Rick Rubin. His latest solo release is called Son Of A Drummer. More info at www.kullhammar.com


Artist/Group: Mike Stern

Date: 2006 08 02

One of the most highly esteemed guitar players in the world. Mike Stern has recorded several successful solo albums and his resume includes collaborations with people like Miles Davis, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Billy Cobham, The Brecker Brothers, Steps Ahead, Jaco Pastorius, John Scofield and countless others. His new album, Who Let The Cats Out?, will hit stores in a few weeks. Check out www.mikestern.org for more info.


Artist/Group: Candlemass

Date: 2007 05 02

One of the most influential groups in doom/metal. Their new album, "King Of The Grey Islands", will be released June 22. Check them out on www.candlemass.se


Artist/Group: Mari Boine

Date: 2007 04 17

Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter from Norway. An important figure on the worldmusic scene since the release of "Gula Gula". Her latest release is called "Idjagiedas". More info at www.myspace.com/boine



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