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Artist/Group: Nina Persson

Date: 2001 05 20

Singer in the Swedish pop group The Cardigans.


Artist/Group: Painfield

Date: 2004 02 25

Swedish hardcore rockers from Gothenburg with a kickin' stage show.


Artist/Group: Monty Alexander

Date: 2004 03 02

Monty Alexander (b. 1944). Jamaican pianist who's played with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Sly & Robbie by way of top names such as Ray Brown, Dizzy Gillespie and Clark Terry.


Artist/Group: Pauline

Date: 2003 10 15

Swedish soulpop singer who've made quite an impact nationally in Sweden.


Artist/Group: Al Foster

Date: 1999-

Drummer with Miles Davis and Chick Corea, among many others.


Artist/Group: Anders Nilsson

Date: 2000

Swedish director who's made movies like Executive Protection, Zero Tolerance and Russian Terminator.


Artist/Group: Anders Tengner

Date: 2000

Editor-in-chief at Swedish music magazine OKEJ and one of Sweden's first real music journalists.


Artist/Group: Anders Widmark

Date: 2003

Swedish pianist with a flamboyant style of playing.


Artist/Group: Awa Manneh

Date: 2002

Young swedish soul/hiphop-singer with a good voice and impressive writing chops.


Artist/Group: Baxter

Date: 2003

Swedish popgroup with added flavors of electro and drum'n'bass. Used to be signed to Madonna's label Maverick.


Artist/Group: Bengt "Burr" Pettersson

Date: 2003

Swedish sounddesigner and inventor of loudspeakers.


Artist/Group: Beverley Knight

Date: 2002

Singer from the UK with more than a few hits on the European club circuit.


Artist/Group: Berndt Egerbladh

Date: 2003

Swedish pianist with an international reputation and a beloved TV-personality on Swedish television.


Artist/Group: Billy Hart

Date: 1999-

American drummer who's worked with the top names within jazz.


Artist/Group: Bob Berg

Date: 1999-

American saxophonist who's worked with the "Who's who" of jazz and fusion. Also known as the "Iceman".


Artist/Group: Bosse Broberg

Date: 2001

Swedish trumpeter who became a favorite of Dizzy Gillespie and headed the Swedish Jazz Radio for more than 20 years.


Artist/Group: Buddy Guy

Date: 2001

American blues guitarist and one of the genres biggest stars.


Artist/Group: Cardigans, The

Date: 2000

Swedish popgroup with hit singles around the globe.


Artist/Group: Caecilie Norby

Date: 2002

Danish singer on the border between pop and jazz.


Artist/Group: Carl Michael Herlöfsson

Date: 2002

Swedish record producer and sound engineer who's worked with most of the Swedish pop and rock elite.



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