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Artist/Group: Nina Persson

Date: 2001 05 20

Singer in the Swedish pop group The Cardigans.


Artist/Group: Painfield

Date: 2004 02 25

Swedish hardcore rockers from Gothenburg with a kickin' stage show.


Artist/Group: Monty Alexander

Date: 2004 03 02

Monty Alexander (b. 1944). Jamaican pianist who's played with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Sly & Robbie by way of top names such as Ray Brown, Dizzy Gillespie and Clark Terry.


Artist/Group: Pauline

Date: 2003 10 15

Swedish soulpop singer who've made quite an impact nationally in Sweden.


Artist/Group: Al Foster

Date: 1999-

Drummer with Miles Davis and Chick Corea, among many others.


Artist/Group: Anders Nilsson

Date: 2000

Swedish director who's made movies like Executive Protection, Zero Tolerance and Russian Terminator.


Artist/Group: Anders Tengner

Date: 2000

Editor-in-chief at Swedish music magazine OKEJ and one of Sweden's first real music journalists.


Artist/Group: Anders Widmark

Date: 2003

Swedish pianist with a flamboyant style of playing.


Artist/Group: Awa Manneh

Date: 2002

Young swedish soul/hiphop-singer with a good voice and impressive writing chops.


Artist/Group: Baxter

Date: 2003

Swedish popgroup with added flavors of electro and drum'n'bass. Used to be signed to Madonna's label Maverick.


Artist/Group: Bengt "Burr" Pettersson

Date: 2003

Swedish sounddesigner and inventor of loudspeakers.


Artist/Group: Beverley Knight

Date: 2002

Singer from the UK with more than a few hits on the European club circuit.


Artist/Group: Berndt Egerbladh

Date: 2003

Swedish pianist with an international reputation and a beloved TV-personality on Swedish television.


Artist/Group: Billy Hart

Date: 1999-

American drummer who's worked with the top names within jazz.


Artist/Group: Bob Berg

Date: 1999-

American saxophonist who's worked with the "Who's who" of jazz and fusion. Also known as the "Iceman".


Artist/Group: Bosse Broberg

Date: 2001

Swedish trumpeter who became a favorite of Dizzy Gillespie and headed the Swedish Jazz Radio for more than 20 years.


Artist/Group: Buddy Guy

Date: 2001

American blues guitarist and one of the genres biggest stars.


Artist/Group: Cardigans, The

Date: 2000

Swedish popgroup with hit singles around the globe.


Artist/Group: Caecilie Norby

Date: 2002

Danish singer on the border between pop and jazz.


Artist/Group: Carl Michael Herlöfsson

Date: 2002

Swedish record producer and sound engineer who's worked with most of the Swedish pop and rock elite.


Artist/Group: Carmine Appice

Date: 2002

American hard rock drummer who's worked with Ozzy Osbourne, Rod Stewart (co-wrote Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?), Jeff Beck and Vanilla Fudge, to name but a few.


Artist/Group: Chick Corea

Date: 2002

One of the most important musicians and certainly pianists, within jazz and fusion. Worked with Miles Davis, headed Return To Forever and a major influence on the development of todays keyboards.


Artist/Group: Christer Salling

Date: 2002

Swedish trash/metal-singer who's headed Lost Souls and Inrage. Albums released internationally.


Artist/Group: Claes Janson

Date: 2003

Swedish jazz and blues singer.


Artist/Group: David Friesen

Date: 2003

Jazzbasist with a fondness for the avantgarde side of things.


Artist/Group: Dave Meros

Date: 2003

basist; Eric Burdon & The New Animals, Spock's
Beard and others.


Artist/Group: Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The

Date: 2003 03 03

New Orleans-funk/jazz/zydeco


Artist/Group: DJ Sleepy

Date: 2003



Artist/Group: Dom Famularo

Date: 2001

Drummer/clinician for Sabian Cymbals.


Artist/Group: Efrem Towns

Date: 2003

Trumpet player: worked with The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Black Crowes, Dr. John and Stevie Wonder, among many others.


Artist/Group: Esbjörn Svensson

Date: 2003

Jazz pianist, producer and studiomusician. Leader of internationally acclaimed group Esbjörn Svensson Trio (aka EST).


Artist/Group: Fläskkvartetten/Fleshquartet

Date: 2001

Swedish stringquartet who's worked within the boundaries of rock, jazz, classical music and ballet.


Artist/Group: Georg "Jojje" Wadenius

Date: 2003

Swedish guitarist, producer och session ace who's worked with Blood, Sweat & Tears, been a member of the Saturday Night Live houseband and played with everyone from Steely Dan and Aretha Franklin to Backstreet Boys and Kent.


Artist/Group: George Bravo

Date: 2003

Hard rock musician and director of music videos.


Artist/Group: Goran Kajfês

Date: 2001

Swedish trumpet player who's done loads of session work and a superb debut album called "Home" that you can find reviewed on this site.


Artist/Group: Hanne Boel

Date: 2003

Danish pop artist


Artist/Group: Infinite Mass

Date: 2003

Swedish hiphop group


Artist/Group: Ingemar Gustafsson

Date: 2003

Designer of loudspeaker and a sound guru.


Artist/Group: Inrage

Date: 2002

Swedish thrashmetal


Artist/Group: Iron Maiden

Date: 2000

One of the biggest hard rock bands in the world.


Artist/Group: Isaac Hayes

Date: 2002 07 03

Soulsinger, actor and the voice behind the Chef character on South Park.


Artist/Group: Isolation Years

Date: 2003

Swedish popgroup.


Artist/Group: Jacky Terrasson

Date: 2003

Acclaimed jazz pianist from France.


Artist/Group: James Genus

Date: 2001

Jazz basist


Artist/Group: Jenny Löfgren

Date: 1999

Pop singer


Artist/Group: Jimmy Cobb

Date: 1999-

One of the greatest jazz drummers. Superb with the brushes.


Artist/Group: Joakim "Jocke" Ekberg

Date: 2003

Drummer and session player.


Artist/Group: Johan Rheborg

Date: 2003

Actor, ad-director and writer. Huge in Sweden.


Artist/Group: John Mayall

Date: 2002

The biggest name in white blues. His band The Bluesbreakers has given birth to some of the worlds greatest guitar slingers.


Artist/Group: John Scofield

Date: 2003

Prominent guitarist from the States who's worked within jazz and fusion.


Artist/Group: Jonas Åkerlund

Date: 2001

Swedish director who's made much talked about music videos for Madonna, Prodigy and Metallica.


Artist/Group: Svante Henryson

Date: 2003

Basist/Cellist; has played with Yngwie Malmsteen a.o.


Artist/Group: Silje Nergaard

Date: 2002

Norwegian jazz- and pop singer.


Artist/Group: Joey Heredia

Date: 2000

Drummer/session ace from Los Angeles.


Artist/Group: Kinky Friedman

Date: 1999

Bestselling crime novelist, former country singer with a cult following and proud beneficiary of the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch


Artist/Group: Kurt Elling

Date: 2001

A hip cat who's one of the few male jazz singers out there today worth giving a damn about.


Artist/Group: Lars Hollmer

Date: 2002

Swedish multi-instrumentalist who's made a name for himself thru bands such as Samla Mammas Manna.


Artist/Group: Leif Gabrielsson

Date: 2003

President of Swedish entertainment company 2Entertain.


Artist/Group: Trio X

Date: 2003

Excellent trio from Sweden who's well versed in most genres. The drummer Joakim Ekberg is easily one of Europes' foremost instrumentalists.


Artist/Group: Joakim Ekberg

Date: 2002

Swedish drummer who's worked with both big shots and start-ups. Easily one of the better drummers today - anywhere.


Artist/Group: Lina Nyberg

Date: 2003

Jazz singer.


Artist/Group: Louis Bellson

Date: 1999

Legendary drummer who's been on top of his games since the 50's. Often mentioned in the same breath as Buddy Rich, Kenny Clarke and Gene Krupa.


Artist/Group: Marco Mendoza

Date: 2000

Basist, singer and monster session man who's played everything from jazz to hard rock (Ted Nugent).


Artist/Group: Mark O'Sullivan

Date: 2003

Musician, producer and DJ with an international reputation.


Artist/Group: Markus Ettemo

Date: 2003

Sound tech.


Artist/Group: Mauro Scocco

Date: 2003

Swedish popstar with many hits on his resumé.


Artist/Group: Michael Brecker

Date: 2002

Saxophonist who could very well be the most frequently recorded session man ever. His resumé includes work with everyone from Aerosmith and Blue Öyster Cult to Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin and Bootsy Collins.


Artist/Group: Michael Ruff

Date: 2000

Singer, keyboardist and song writer based in Los Angeles. Has worked with names such as The Doobie Brothers, Bonnie Raitt and David Sanborn.


Artist/Group: Mårten Andersson

Date: 2001

Swedish artist (painter) who frequently uses powerful colours to convey moods.


Artist/Group: Nat Adderley

Date: 1999-

Jazz musician who also wrote standards such as Work Song, Jive Samba and The Old Country. Often worked with his brother Cannonball Adderley.


Artist/Group: Nils Landgren

Date: 2003

Trombone player, studio musician and song writer who's worked with ABBA and had several hits on his own.


Artist/Group: Nicko McBrain

Date: 2002

Drummer for hard rock group Iron Maiden.


Artist/Group: Nils Petter Sundgren

Date: 2001

Sweden's foremost filmcritic. Started out in television back in the 50's and still going strong.


Artist/Group: Paul Wertico

Date: 2000

Drummer. Worked with Pat Metheny and others.


Artist/Group: Peter Magadini

Date: 2002

Drummer who's worked with Mose Allison and others.


Artist/Group: Quills, The

Date: 2002

Swedish hard rock group.


Artist/Group: Ray Brown

Date: 2001

Legendary basist who's worked with everyone within jazz from the late 30's and onwards.


Artist/Group: Renato Neto

Date: 2000

Keyboardist who's worked with Prince to name but one.


Artist/Group: Rick Wakeman

Date: 2003

Keyboard player who's been an integral part of progressive rock group YES and played on albums by David Bowie, Elton John and Black Sabbath.


Artist/Group: Roger Lewis

Date: 2003

Saxophone player; has played with Elvis Costello a.o.


Artist/Group: Roy Hargrove

Date: 2003

Trumpet player and one of the biggest "young lions" on the scene.


Artist/Group: Roy Haynes

Date: 2000

Solid jazz drummer who's worked with the "who's who" of jazz.


Artist/Group: Rune Rydelius

Date: 1999-

Avant-garde artist (sculptor) with a kindred spirit in the works of Giacometti.


Artist/Group: Thomas Ledin

Date: 2002

Swedish popstar with a devote following and a gift for catchy refrains.


Artist/Group: Thomas Rusiak

Date: 2002

Swedish producer and artist who's had a major impact on Swedish hiphop and worked with US artists such as Slick Rick.


Artist/Group: Totta Näslund

Date: 2002

Swedish blues singer.


Artist/Group: Vanilla Fudge

Date: 2002

American old school hard rock group.


Artist/Group: Åke Linton

Date: 2002

Possibly Sweden's finest sound engineer.


Artist/Group: 21st Impact, The

Date: 2003

Swedish hardcore group.


Artist/Group: Danzig / Glenn Danzig

Date: 2004 04 15

Singer, label boss and founder of the influential hardcore punkband The Misfits. Formed the hardrock group Danzig in 1987 and they've wrecked havoc on the world ever since.


Artist/Group: Branford Marsalis

Date: 2004 04 26

Saxophonist who's played with everyone from Sting to Art Blakey and DJ Premier. Founder of the group Buckshot LeFonque. Brother of Wynton Marsalis. Musical director at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for two years.


Artist/Group: Jamie Cullum

Date: 2004 04 28

Pianist/singer. Born in 1980. The first British jazz artist to go platinum (+300000 records). Has a vibrant stage personality and his repertoire includes just as many standards as jazzified songs by The Neptunes and Jimi Hendrix.


Artist/Group: Geoff Gascoyne

Date: 2004 04 28

Basist who's played with Van Morrison, Everything But The Girl, US3, Lisa Stansfield, Elvin Jones, Georgie Fame and many others.


Artist/Group: Gary Moore

Date: 2004 05 18

Guitarist Gary Moore has played with Thin Lizzy, released several hit solo albums, and is now set to release the follow-up to the extremely successful Still Got The Blues.


Artist/Group: Pierre Cardin

Date: 2004 06 17

One of the world's most talked about fashion designers. Stirred up quite a debate during the 60's by putting his haute couture name on commercial products. Cardin is still working avidly and resides most of the year in his mansion in the south of France.


Artist/Group: Helena Christensen

Date: 2004 06 17

One of the biggest supermodels during the 90's who has now become a jack of all trades. The Danish beauty became a huge name not in the least by appearing in a music video with singing heartthrob Chris Isaac ("Wicked Game").


Artist/Group: Gerry Brown

Date: 2004 07 15

Drummer who's worked with just about everyone in soul, R'n'B, jazz and pop. Was a member of Return To Forever, has backed Phil Collins, recorded with Stanley Clarke, Marvin Gaye and Larry Coryell.


Artist/Group: Dwight Adams

Date: 2004 07 15

Trumpet player who's worked with: Bootsy Collins, Alberta Adams, Common, and others...


Artist/Group: Michael Phillips

Date: 2004 07 16

Saxophonist who's is currently on tour with Stevie Wonder and Prince.


Artist/Group: Stevie Wonder

Date: 2004 07 17

This legendary artist has sold over 75 million albums, won 22 Grammys and received one Academy Award, but most importantly - he's made the world a whole lot happier thru his music.


Artist/Group: Defleshed

Date: 2004 08 18

Swedish metal/death/grindcore trio that arose out of the ashes of bands like Crematorium and Convulsion. Drummer Matte Modin can also be found behind the toms in Dark Funeral.


Artist/Group: Los De Abajo

Date: 2004 08 27

Starting out as a Latin ska band in 1992, Los De Abajo moved on to incorporate hiphop, rock, salsa, jazz and funk. Today the group's based in Mexico City but they regularly tour the world. Their reputation as one of the most energetic live bands out there is well deserved.


Artist/Group: Lars Danielsson

Date: 2004 09 03

Swedish basist who's played with The Brecker Brothers, John Scofield, Mike Stern, Trilok Gurtu och Caecilie Norby, among others. Leader of Lars Danielsson Quartet (feat. David Liebman, Bobo Stenson and Jon Christensen).


Artist/Group: Jean-Jacques Annaud

Date: 2004 10 06

French director who hit it big with The Name Of The Rose (1986) featuring Sean Connery. Annaud has also gotten praise for The Bear, Enemy At The Gates and The Lover. His new movie, Two Brothers, will premiere later this month all over Scandinavia.


Artist/Group: Tommy Stinson

Date: 2004 10 11

Together with his brother Bob and frontman Paul Westerberg, Tommy Stinson founded The Replacements in 1979. Today Tommy plays bass in the new version of Guns N' Roses and his first soloalbum, "Village Gorilla Head", just hit stores.


Artist/Group: Georg "Jojje" Wadenius

Date: 2004 11 24

Swedish guitarist and producer who's worked with Paul Simon, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Backstreet Boys, Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, Luther Vandross, Saturday Night Live Band, Diana Ross and many, many others.


Artist/Group: Jonas Jansén

Date: 2004 10 20

Three time winner of Sweden's largest car audio championship.


Artist/Group: Martin Söder

Date: 2004 11 06

Swedish director who left television to make the feature film "Outside Your Door" for which he received the "CineStar Youth Film Prize" in 2003. He is currently shooting the thriller "Den Utvalde" together with Eric Donell.


Artist/Group: Eric Donell

Date: 2004 11 06

Director, screenwriter and actor who's been a mainstay of Swedish television and is currently shooting the thriller "Den Utvalde".


Artist/Group: Julia Dufvenius

Date: 2004 12 06

Swedish actress working in the theatre, TV and movies. Got her big breakthrough working with director Ingmar Bergman in the stage production of Maria Stuart and some time later Bergman's television project Saraband.


Artist/Group: Andreas Wilson

Date: 2004 12 07

Swedish actor and heartthrob. Found fame through the Swedish blockbuster "Evil" (2003) that also received an Academy Award nomination for best "Foreign Language Film".


Artist/Group: Savanna Samson

Date: 2005 01 14

Since signing with Vivid in 2002, Savanna Samson has quickly become one of the adult industry's leading ladies. Bit parts in TV shows like Ed, photo shoots for Vanity Fair and appearances on Late Show with David Letterman and Howard Stern Show has also brought her mainstream attention. Private tutoring at: www.universityofsavanna.com


Artist/Group: Defleshed

Date: 2005 01 22

Deep, dark, grindcore metalmeisters from Sweden. We went on location with them as they shot their first music video for the upcoming album May The Flesh Be With You (Regain Records). Enter their dungeon of doom at: www.defleshed.de


Artist/Group: Tori Amos

Date: 2005 02 02

American singer/pianist/composer who's sold over 12 million albums, despite breaking all the music business' rules of conduct. We met her for a chat about the new album (The Beekeeper), her autobiography (Piece By Piece), married life, art, downloading and, sinners and saints. While waiting for the interview to get published, you can get the latest info about her at: www.toriamos.com


Artist/Group: Apple Europe

Date: 2005 01 21

Interviews with some of Apple Europe's top ranking executives in connection with the launch of Mac mini, iPod shuffle, and the software suites iLife and iWork.


Artist/Group: Anders Herrlin

Date: 2005 02 15

Together with Per Gessle a founding member of pop group Gyllene Tider - one of the largest acts in Swedish pop history next to ABBA and, Gessle's other band, Roxette. GT's reunion-tour was last years biggest grossing tour in Europe, despite the fact that the band never even left Sweden. Herrlin has also written, produced and programmed for international stars such as Janet Jackson.


Artist/Group: Jennie Löfgren

Date: 2005 02 14

Swedish pop artist about to release her second album. Since her debut in 2002 she's also written, produced and programmed music for artists like Atomic Kitten, Samantha Mumba and Janet Jackson. Check her out at: www.jennielofgren.com


Artist/Group: Norman Mailer

Date: 1999-

Often controversial and undeniably one of the major authors of our time. Winner of numerous awards, among them the Pulitzer Prize.


Artist/Group: Lars Liljeryd

Date: 2005 03 21

Swedish inventor who's patented several improvements to audio coding technologies such as MP3 and AAC. More info: www.codingtechnologies.com


Artist/Group: Sonny Landreth

Date: 2005 04 06

Guitar wizard who's dazzled the music world with a unique blend of playing styles. Sonny Landreth has worked with Eric Clapton, Dr. John, Tanita Tikaram, John Hiatt, Gov't Mule, and many others. More info at: www.sonnylandreth.com


Artist/Group: The Goners

Date: 2005 05 03

John Hiatt's former backing band. The Goners were put together as a touring band to support the "Bring The Family" release, but what began as a one-night-stand grew into a long professional relationship. Members include Sonny Landreth (guitar), Kenneth Blevins (drums) and David Ranson (bass). More info at: www.johnhiatt.com


Artist/Group: Kim Thompson

Date: 2005 05 19

Up-and-coming drummer who has played with Kenny Barron, Mike Stern, Tia Fuller, Stefon Harris, Tarus Mateen, and others. More info at: www.kimthompson.info


Artist/Group: Mike Stern

Date: 2005 05 20

One of today's most esteemed guitarists with numerous album releases to his name. Mike Stern earned his stripes by sharing the spotlight with Blood, Sweat & Tears, Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, Steps Ahead, Michael Brecker, Bill Frisell, Dennis Chambers, and many others. More info at: www.mikestern.org


Artist/Group: Black Sabbath

Date: 2005 07 04

Quite arguably the heaviest hard rock band in the world and definitely the most influential. Black Sabbath was formed over 30 years ago by Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne. Yesterday the very same foursome rocked Stockholm, Sweden, to its core.


Artist/Group: Tony Iommi

Date: 2005 07 04

The mighty hard rock group Black Sabbath was the brainchild of British guitarist Tony Iommi. Since the original line-up, with singer Ozzy Osbourne, the band's gone through many changes, but one thing's remained the same - namely Captain Iommi. Next week fans can find him in a different setting on Fused, a new solo album featuring singer Glenn Hughes and drummer Kenny Aronoff.


Artist/Group: Jon Anderson

Date: 2005 07 20

Multi-million selling singer and frontman of progressive rock group Yes. Set to tour Europe starting in September. More info at: www.jonanderson.com


Artist/Group: Jonas Åkerlund

Date: 2005 11 10

Swedish director who's worked with names such as Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Roxette, The Cardigans and Rammstein. Check out the interview in the blog section of this site.


Artist/Group: Jamie Cullum

Date: 2005 11 30

Young British jazz star who's sold almost 3 million albums since his debut a few years ago. More info at: www.jamiecullum.com


Artist/Group: Stacey Kent

Date: 2004 03 24

Jazz singer with six solo albums on her resumé. Married to saxophonist Jim Tomlinson. More info at: www.staceykent.com


Artist/Group: Jim Tomlinson

Date: 2004 03 24

Sax player who made his solo debut with the album Only Trust Your Heart. Married to recording artist Stacey Kent.


Artist/Group: Fredrik Kronkvist

Date: 2006 05 18

Head of his own record label and one hell of a sax player. Based in the city of Malmö and married to Sweden's funkiest singer, Miriam Aïda. His latest release is called Maintain! More info at www.fredrikkronkvist.com


Artist/Group: Ludvig Berghe

Date: 2006 05 17

Pianist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Recently released Weekend, his latest solo album. More info at: www.ludvigberghe.com


Artist/Group: René Sandoval

Date: 2006 05 17

Bass player from Malmö, Sweden. Recently released the album Action/Reaction.


Artist/Group: Jonas Kullhammar

Date: 2006 05 03

Owner of a record label and one of Sweden's top sax players. Despite his youth, he's worked with everyone from local celebrities to international stars like Rick Rubin. His latest solo release is called Son Of A Drummer. More info at www.kullhammar.com


Artist/Group: Mike Stern

Date: 2006 08 02

One of the most highly esteemed guitar players in the world. Mike Stern has recorded several successful solo albums and his resume includes collaborations with people like Miles Davis, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Billy Cobham, The Brecker Brothers, Steps Ahead, Jaco Pastorius, John Scofield and countless others. His new album, Who Let The Cats Out?, will hit stores in a few weeks. Check out www.mikestern.org for more info.


Artist/Group: Candlemass

Date: 2007 05 02

One of the most influential groups in doom/metal. Their new album, "King Of The Grey Islands", will be released June 22. Check them out on www.candlemass.se


Artist/Group: Mari Boine

Date: 2007 04 17

Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter from Norway. An important figure on the worldmusic scene since the release of "Gula Gula". Her latest release is called "Idjagiedas". More info at www.myspace.com/boine



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